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It’s a Girl!!! September 13, 2011

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Welcome to the World!!!

It’s not half as exciting or ‘cute’ when your 23 (nearly 24)

Still trying to decide on which yellow brick road is the right path to take

Too comfortable living at home

Considering packing your bags to travel again …. but do I do it on my own this time?

Everybody always tells you that life is hard and it can get difficult. The sayings i’m sure are past through generation after generation ‘Life has it’s up and downs’ ‘don’t take life for granted’

However no one ever tells you how hard life is to ‘start’,

I am unbelievably lost in life. I am motivated, energentic, hard working, have handsful of friends, enjoy socialising have great qualifications …………….. and yet I am CONFUSED.

There are so many things I love, how do you decide which career is for you?  I am emerald green with envy over the friends who always knew what they wanted to be when ‘they grow up’.

Maybe, just maybe I haven’t yet finished the process of ‘grow up’



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