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Creative streak September 22, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — beyondblueeyes @ 9:45 am

I attacked the sewing machine today, I’m sure I could be facing time for the abuse I gave it!!

But looking at my little material baby creations I am one very proud mummy!

Well apart from the fact there more like a bag of Cadbury’s Mis-haps

They are beautiful and ones I may keep to show my ongoing progress. Although like the gym, becoming a master chef, and a budding photographer

this is no doubt just another phase I am going through. Or maybe a hobby I could keep for quiet days, maybe I could invest on some knitting needles and a shawl at the same time.

Although I do enjoy it, I do feel 50 years older, maybe this could be my little secret obsession.

I definitely won’t be making my millions out of it so does anyone really have to know?


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