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Smurf high …….. Smurf low September 23, 2011

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So………………. pretty standard birthday this year, just the usual making my friends wear outfits they really aren’t omfortable in.

And just by the look in there eyes I can tell they are on the verge of tears at the thought of walking out the front door in what can only be described as a large blue condom.

Excessive amounts of alcohol usually help them coupe and before long they have completely forgotten they resemble  disabled avatars.

I have great memories of our night together all up until 1pm, after that it’s not even a foggy blur more like a complete blank.

As always the photographic evidence and good old facebook wall posts would suggest we had the time of our life.

And I will be eternally grateful to them for all the ridiculous outfits I have made them wear.

I am in their debt and i’m sure they already have that peach meringe dress ready for me to wear at their wedding!




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