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Disabled September 29, 2011

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After having key hole surgery yesterday and feeling a little woobly from the drugs they pumped into my veins,

I’ve realised how difficult it is to have a slight disability. And although mines is only temporary it is incredibly tough.

The stairs are my biggest challenge and one I won’t let stop me, however I am lucky to have full use of my left leg which is a major advantage.

It does take me 3 times as long to climb a small set of stairs and leaves me out of breath.

Who would of thought going to the toilet would be such a challenge either?!?!? Even the slightest bend at the knee is extremely painful.

Currently looking like some sort of Bridget Jones Mis-hap I litterally have to lower my self then drop the final 5/6 inches to a sofa, chair, bed, toilet seat.

It is by far one of the funniest things to watch and have been laughing at myself.



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