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Still here September 30, 2011

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I am, as you can tell, still here.

Some might find this time relaxing, time to catch up on sleep, time to sort those things out that keep piling up.

Well for someone who has mild symptoms of ADHD and the attention span of roughly 3 mins

I have already tidied my room ( to the best of my bendable ability), had a bath (more challenging than running the race for life),

sorted out all paper work/bills/ex-boyfriends/current boyfriends/ eBay/washing/ social arrangements.

Now what do you do when you have nothing left to do?

I would go for a drive to the beach, if I could bend the one leg I actually need to drive. Not that I have an automatic but I figure I could survive using just the right leg if I had to.

I would go to the shops which are only 5 mins round the corner if I had 2 working legs. However when attempting to visit the shops a day ago it resulted in a 2 hour  exercise routine with sweat literally pouring from every hole it possibly could. 

I’m not unfit but when challenged with a pair of crutches, I thought this was the easy option. God help the poor buggers that break limbs and have to use these for 6 or more weeks.

And although I am entirely thankful that they are helping to work off the once large bingo wings, it is the hardest workout I have ever attempted.



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