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Apply within October 2, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — beyondblueeyes @ 8:52 pm

It’s started . It won’t be long before it’s taken over every vein, muscle, and organ in my body.

I am rapidly going insane. I can not stand to stay at home a day longer!  I have been out I can’t say I’ve been inside my home for the whole time since the operation but for maybe an hour here and there.

If only i could bend my leg I could get in my car which just sits there giving me a sly grin every time i gaze at it out the window.

It’s safe for now but the moment i get a slight hint of a bend, that accelerator is mine!!

How on earth do these benefit claiming scum bags do this every day of their lives? surely they get bored and wish they could work?

Volunteer? anything! This is driving me insane, I can’t wait to go to work!!!

I am however enjoying all these get well gifts I’m receiving. a lot along the lines of booze which always makes me smile.




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