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Fairy Godmother October 27, 2011

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For once I managed to control my urges, and apparently I do have enough will power to stop myself when needed,

(Shame this isn’t the case with diets or food binges)

Cinderella did not go to the ball, which I had been looking forward to all year and is one of the 4 events which I refuse to miss every year.

I was of course massively upset, brought right down to my lowest, nearly drawn to tears.

So putting the pretty dress, heels, and glittery makeup away it’s still niggling me ……. It would only take 10 minutes max to slip on that dress, those heels, that makeup.

That is the devil I believe or as I like to call her blabla.

The voice that after you’ve set everything out, created a plan, manned up your will power or started to put your PJ’s on, decides actually there is a better option.

I did fight her, and I won. However if it wasn’t for the fact that after the first 4 sambucas, and bottles of alcoholic sugary goodness, I become a hyperactive thirsty 24 year old. I would be able to control myself.

Unfortunately I am unable like many of us to control the point where you say no more.

I challenge myself to that ‘last’ sambuca, jagerbomb, agwa bomb, bottle of wkd, double jd and coke.

And the rest is a massive blur of what is only to become history.

This time work was the decider for me, a 8.15am start ment I’d have to be sober from at least 12am, just when the party is getting started and probably the moment i actually get there after all the pre drinking.Then theres the lock in.

Sudden death for an early morning shift at work, I did consider pulling the old sicky, but as the mega boss bitch was going to be there I couldn’t really of got away with it.

And all i need is her fiery bullshit breathing down my hung over neck.


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