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Imagine this ……. November 8, 2011

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Ok so imagine this ……… You split up with you ex over 5 years ago.

You went back a millions times over 3 months until it finally came to an end.

The breakup was a little messy, not the worst but definitely not clean.

You’ve kept in contact and their’s always been some connection between you.

You met up occasionally, only as friends but one of you was always after more.

However it was always the opposite that was stronger.

You haven’t seen each other for 3 years what with you travelling, then him travelling.

And over the last 3 years relationships have come and gone.

It has somehow become an insanely good idea to get back together when he gets home next month!!

Insane being the main victim in this.

I mean I’m not saying it isn’t a good idea, we were young and immature all those years ago.

We needed time apart ….. maybe not 5 years but it’ll do.

I’m more worried about the moment I meet him again, almost like the first time you go on a date and you’re not really sure whether a kiss is on the cards.

However this isn’t our first date more like our 100th.

Do  hug him? Kiss him? Or shake his hand??

This could surely only ever end in disaster.


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