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A little nervous … November 27, 2011

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Ok so picture this ………. You split up with your ex over 5 years ago.

There has always been a connection between the both of you.

It was a little bit of a messy break up ….. not the worst in man kind but it most definitely wasn’t clean!!

You did the only humanly thing possible and went back and forth for over 3 months until it finally ended.

You still saw each other every now and then, and occasionally met up.

On the occasions you did meet up there was definitely still something sexual between you, although you did not break and stood your ground.


And over the last 3 months it somehow became a good idea to get back together once he gets back from traveling.

Not that I’m regretting that decision, I mean we were young before and needed time apart, maybe not 5 years.

The thing that is constantly roaming my few brain cells I’ve managed to keep intact is;

What do you do when you meet your ex again?

Hug? Kiss? shake hands??

None of the above bothered me untill he mentioned it this evening.

I’m on the verge of peeing my pants!!

It can go 2 ways …….

1; I’ll lock the door and pretend no-one is home, although I only spoke to him minutes before. And possibly become a recluse

2; I’ll open the door hug, kiss then shake his hand , possible a head butt then proceed slam the door in his face.

I am certain this will be a disaster!


One Response to “A little nervous …”

  1. amandabrooke Says:

    I had SUCH a similar situation with an ex. We were together for 6 years and it took months to stop “seeing” each other. There are someone that we’ll always have a connection with, but that doesn’t always mean you should get back together. But heck, if he’s coming over, enjoy it!

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