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Let it snow…. November 27, 2011

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It’s official, I’m one of the cool kids, a rock and roll legend, a role model.

Well possibly none of the above as my hobby turn career is most definitely not something the cool kids meet up to do

I don’t remember the last article on a rock and roll legend which included this in their daily routine

and it is most definitely not a piece of roll model advice you’d hand out to the confused little munchkins.

……. Hi My names Blue and I sew, cushions, throws, hats, key rings, decorations,

Not exactly what you were expecting right, didn’t think so. I have travelled down the food chain to the very bottom and actually it’s pretty relaxed down here. I have finally stumbled upon my inner designer, I have always been interested in design,

However i did think this was something to do with my alien hands who like to pick up beautiful dresses, cushions, and all things pretty, take my debit cards out of my purse and hand them over to the over make-uped girls behind the counter who are more than happy to take my money, which of course is creating a smile ear to ear across their faces with the light up for commission.

Actually the above is a partial lie, it’s always my credit card the alien hands go for and when their on a roll there’s no telling how much interest i’ll be paying by the end of it.

I am not all lost, I managed to regain control and now enjoy spending my time shopping for fabric, buttons and ribbons.

I then like to tuck my self away and sew.

I am now at the opposite end of social. And I love it.


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