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My filofax life December 17, 2011

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I can not even try to exaggerate my life.

 I literally live my month to month, week to week, day-to-day and even my hour to hour out of my Filofax!

I never thought I would ever depend on a diary, but it’s ruling my life.

I can complain without it I wouldn’t have a clue what day it was let along the year.

My morning routine is to wake up stretch the sleep out of my system then head over to consult the oh might god also know as Filo Fax.

I’m thinking of introducing him to my friends soon he is practically my PA.

I worry I might lose him, I get scared sometimes he’ll slip out of my bag and do a runner!

I carry him with me everywhere, he has dates, notes and all other rubbish I have to remember but can’t seem to find the brain capacity to hold.

I look forward to January ….. I get to meet his other friends who fit nicely inside without any hassle.



I’ve been tricked! December 8, 2011

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Remember all my worrying and careful planning for when the Ex appears …….

Well that’s all gone out the window like a hurricane

He surprised me, There I am innocently at work replying to emails

Ding Dong

First Thought; ‘Bet the sodding guests have forgotten their key’

So I haul myself out of this comfy position, walk to the door, I can’t see anyone.

Second though; ‘An axe murderer is hiding round the corner and he’s come to get me’

I peer round the corner before opening the door and my Ex is stood there with a bunch of flowers.

Third thought; ‘FUCK, Leave him out there until you’ve prepared’

What actually happened is something took over my body opened up the door launched a hug at him and then continued with;

‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ sporting a big grin!

I am in utter shock seems as he wasn’t due home for at least 4 more weeks.

This is a surreal surprise, I can’t quite get it into my head that he is actually in front of me.

I keep thinking I’ll snap out of it in a minute and wake up.

It’s been a week now ……. I’ve come round to the idea that this is actually not a dream.

Truthfully I’m still sporting that stupid grin from last week.

I love it but it aint half giving me jaw ache!