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A moment of silly March 25, 2012

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I know this very naughty lady who happens to be a life long friend, she arrived at our work slightly tipsy this morning after last night antics!!
After we spoke about last nights challenges, accomplishments and of course what dance moves were thrown out on the dance floor we settle down to make lunch. Turning the radio on we find Olly Mur’s is pumping out of the speakers, after looking at each other for a split second we break out into dance, we are in a fit of giggles!!
These are the moments I’ll cherish.
The unexpected drunken friend rolling into work for a dance off 🙂


All aboard! March 10, 2012

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I’ve joined the Pandora bracelet train and it’s full steam ahead!!
It’s all thanks to the BF 🙂
I bought my mum one whilst in Australia 3 years ago. I couldn’t wait to start filling it with small sacred charms that represent memories and laughter. Although i liked them back then i didn’t want to buy one myself, surely that would just be sad? It’s not really something you buy yourself, well I don’t think so anyway. In my eyes it’s the gift you get from someone special.
They hold memories and secrets that only the 2 of you know. My first was a coloured star charm. Blue of course as it is my favourite colour!!
I get excited at the thought of my birthday in September and the charm I’ll open and what meaning it has behind it.
Strange how the little things mean 1000 times more!