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Thankful February 11, 2012

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I feel like I’ve won the lottery everyday of the week.
I’ve got a partner who makes me smile from ear to ear but more importantly that smile makes me warm and shine inside. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to burst, I’m pretty sure if I did it would be a shower of glitter and sun rays!
I can not thank him enough for just being himself. I guess 5 years apart does the world of good to your relationship!! I highly recommend it.
I smile inside every time I see his face, think of him, or wake up to him lying next to me! I AM IN LOVE


My filofax life December 17, 2011

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I can not even try to exaggerate my life.

 I literally live my month to month, week to week, day-to-day and even my hour to hour out of my Filofax!

I never thought I would ever depend on a diary, but it’s ruling my life.

I can complain without it I wouldn’t have a clue what day it was let along the year.

My morning routine is to wake up stretch the sleep out of my system then head over to consult the oh might god also know as Filo Fax.

I’m thinking of introducing him to my friends soon he is practically my PA.

I worry I might lose him, I get scared sometimes he’ll slip out of my bag and do a runner!

I carry him with me everywhere, he has dates, notes and all other rubbish I have to remember but can’t seem to find the brain capacity to hold.

I look forward to January ….. I get to meet his other friends who fit nicely inside without any hassle.



Whats happened here … November 30, 2011

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Gone are the days where all that mattered was my next fix of Southern Comfort and disco lights

When the adrenalin would circle rapidly around my body when one of my favourite songs came on.

And gone are the days when injuries were sustained falling off the stage/stairs/ my own feet.

I now have a new fix, it overpowers the old urges I used to get, and it could possibly cost me a lot more than the old one, but at least I’ll have something to show for it.

I’ve heard the knock at the door a hundred times before, but now it’s my adrenalin rush being delivered.

My hearts racing as I rip open the plastic wrapping, then the sodding tissue paper (nice touch but right now I couldn’t care)

And tadaaaaaaaaaaa here it is the arm/leg/body/centre piece to a new creation.

It’s 8.30am and I NEED to fire up the sewing machine and put life into this flat new-born fabric.

But what buttons, ribbon, stitch, sequins?

I have officially flip my life 180 degrees and come out the other side of alcohol comatose into a material heaven.

I’m still in there somewhere, I know this because when handed 2 free bottles of Blueberry vodka ……. my heart skipped.

Unlike before I would have bought enough lemonade to drown the 2 bottles, now I see cocktails and shooters.

I am not new I just controlled the old.


Freedom October 18, 2011

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